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Don’t tell me you’ve never defended your success. When any sort of comment is made you immediately reply with a response that is somehow justifying your accomplishments.

I know I’ve somehow grown up in a society that tarnishes success. How dare I not have a terrible and traumatic childhood. How dare I still be proud of my success. Wasn’t I supposed to rise from the ashes? I mean I’m sorry I didn’t grow up in traumatic circumstances but that doesn’t mean life didn’t or hasn’t happened to me and my family just like everyone else.

Success comes in many forms and I consistently see people defending theirs.

The success I’m talking about can be as simple as when you went and bought yourself some brand-name shoes and the conversation is as follows.

Coworker: “Hey I like your shoes”

You: “Oh well they were on sale at Payless!” Sound familiar? First off, you don’t HAVE to tell anyone that you got them on sale. Even if you didn’t you don’t HAVE to be ashamed that you spent $70 on a nice pair of Nikes! That was your decision to buy them and your money to spend, not theirs. We’ve got caught up in defending everything we do.

As of late I’ve had many question if my parents helped me buy my house, this questions especially irks me. Why is it assumed that they helped? Is it because we all work together? Is it because I just can’t afford to live on my own? Most likely it stems from some sort of jealousy that I don’t rely on someone else’s paycheck…

I’ve also had people question me on how much money I’ve spent on the roses that sat on my kitchen counter. C’mon people we’re so caught up in each other’s business that we have to go there?

(For the record I totally spent $20 on that bouquet of flowers from Costco and I loved them, the color they were and the fact that they lasted a month. That’s $20 well spent in my book!)

The point of this whole ramble is that I’m tired of defending successes.

This is as much part of my habit as it is the next person I’m just bringing it to attention. I wonder if there will come a day when we don’t feel as though we have to explain ourselves. Think of how much time we’re wasting trying to explain our actions.

What if, just if, we take the hour to not just think of way to make our successes happen but put them into action?

It doesn’t matter if your family was able to buy legitimate Fruit Loops or if your family always bought that big bag of off-brand ones from Walmart. (For the record we got the off-brand cereal my entire childhood. We felt rich when we were able to get Toaster Strudel instead of PopTarts.) Your life is completely in your hands, be proud of your successes!

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