What Is This?

If you’ve spent a couple minutes on the site already you’re probably wondering what it is this is. Simple answer it’s yes.

It’s a little bit of everything- a blog, a space to spotlight my photography, tips for business owners and entrepreneurs. Humor, tales and a glimmer of hope for all kids working for their family business. (My family hasn’t killed each other yet so there’s hope for you all after all.)

This is my creative space to share with you all my brain. It’s kind of like the internet, where you can find leaf carvings of Jackie Chan (no really look that up, it’s a real thing) and sad, happy and important thoughts I’ve been blessed to think so far. Not everyone gets what I’m saying nor agrees with my opinions. I don’t agree with everyone’s either so that’s OKAY. I welcome your comments and insights to sore subjects.

I write for an image of a person in my head who will want need not just want what I write. Thank you for taking the time to read even this. Attraversiamo.