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You know that pre-annoyed feeling you get when you wake up and just know you’re going to be in a pissy mood all day? (Be honest with yourself, we all have done this.) Sad to say I’ve been pre-annoyed for more than 2 weeks now, just feeling off and irritable.

I named the title of this blog after Rachel Hollis’ book ‘Girl Wash Your Face.’ Hands down and to this day I still feel as though this is one of the most honest and women-empowering books I’ve ever read. (10/10 recommend.)

If you’re a business owner you’ve felt drained more than once during the time you’ve been in business, I can say that with one hundred percent certainty. Let me throw out a scenario for you. The hot water heater is going out, the credit card machine is acting up, you answered phone calls at 4 AM with your employees calling in for their shifts and now you have to be on the “front lines” to make up for the missing personal PLUS do all your work that has to get done. Do any or all of these things sound familiar?

After awhile you start to feel drained. Let me be the first one to tell you that I felt drained. I put in mass amount of man hours into work and try so hard to manage the time accordingly, yet fires are starting everywhere and the dam is leaking. You’ve only got so many fingers and toes to plug the holes, and you feel like the whole this is about to drown you. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!

So how do you fix this?

I have no idea how you should fix it if you’re feeling this way but here’s what helped me that may or may not help you.

I had a come to Jesus moment. I shed a couple tears and literally asked Jesus to take away the anger that kept building up in me over little things. I feel like He has been pushing me towards this prayer specifically and to me knees for awhile now… If you’re a believer just fall down and give in is the best advice I have for you.

I also talked to my mom. Being that we work together she’s literally the best person on the planet to truly understand my frustrations with being a 23 year old ‘boss.’ It’s extremely hard to try and respectfully manage women 5-10 years older than me. I do not recommend you do this unless you have THICK skin!  The details don’t matter but trying to push people and keep high expectations is a task in itself.

Then I washed my face. Legit I went and put on one of those weird Michael Myers masks and did the whole self care thing that’s going around on the internet. First of all, how do you move around with that thing on? I felt like I had to stay perfectly still. For someone who’s favorite thing to do is be productive I 3/10 recommend this type of mask, ha!

So I leave you with this picture and hope that you wash your face friends.

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