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I read this article as I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook the other day that Millennials are going to therapists and all seem to have one common theme. Sure there’s worry about retirement and normal everyday stress, but there’s something that even more daunting to them. I cannot tell you enough how much “I feel this.” (That’s a Millennial term right?)

Millennials are stressing themselves out over the amount of choices they have.

Instead of thinking about being stuck or not being able to do something, they (and myself) get completely stuck with the mass amount of things I can do. If you’re a Boomer or Gen-Xer and you’re reading this, I know I know, it’s ridiculous! But wait, there’s more!

I do nothing.

Literally there are some days when I come home after a super long day, or hell even a short day and tell myself “okay you’ve got 3 blogs to write, media to get scheduled out, 2 loads of laundry and maybe you can go run a mile around the park because you’re not tired Jordan.” Literally this Wonder Woman list of things I want to do, annnddd literally none of them get done.

I compared this cycle in my head to a hamster wheel and a friend of mine said “most of that just call it being overwhelmed.” I thought about this and immediately thought, I’m the queen of overwhelm. You put me at work with 5 staff all needing something, a toilet to plunge, phone ringing and people with questions, I’ve got that all day long. Give myself a to do list when I’m alone, yeah nothing happens.

So as I’ve been in my hamster wheel for about 2 weeks I’ve come to this thought. You have to force yourself into creativeness. Being creative, or attempting to anyway is the only  way I know how to break my own vicious cycle. It’s the only way I know how I’ll be able to get anything done for myself. For me it’s literally opening my computer pulling up my own website and making myself write. Whether what I write is any good is besides the point, it still gets the ideas out somewhere else besides my own head.

I also write this knowing that not all businesses have a creative space. You might have your blue jeans caked with dirt to the knee, I get that sometimes a computer or camera gives you no fire in your heart. I ask that you think beyond the examples in this blog specifically and think back to a time in your business or life when things were just flying by. If you really stop to take the time to think about it, I’m sure you’ll remember more than you think and you’ll come up with ideas to ignite your brain again.

From one Millennial to the internet!

-Jordan, Owner Millennial Marketing of CO




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