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You know those old movies about when people go back in time to look at moments of their past and how one moment could’ve changed their entire life? You know the ones, the movies that focus on second chances.

I got something most people cannot say they will EVER get.

I got a second chance at life.

This is something that’s been twirling around in my head for weeks now.

What if I would’ve stayed in a drowning relationship?

What if I did actually settle?

What if I would’ve been satisfied with the random restaurant on the weekend as my dosage of entertainment.

I feel like we all have the potential to get hung up on the what ifs in life but these what ifs also have the potential to propel us forward.

I totally feel like Bill Murray when I give the next reference, but “It’s Christmas Eve it’s not too late.” (Props if you know what Bill Murray movie I’m quoting here!) My point is this, it’s not too late to get out of anything. Your gut knows if something is off instantly.  You may not know the exact moment when you stop feeling like you, but you know that you’re “gone” as soon as you’re doing something you know you wouldn’t. (Another props if you actually followed what I just wrote there.)

I’ll be the first one to tell you that it takes a Bobcat load, hell multiple loads, of guts to stick up for yourself. In my case it meant that I decided to end a relationship and move on and face being alone for the first time. When I moved out of my parents house, a couple months later I found myself immediately in that said relationship. I had no time in between to ever just do me.

Your situation could be something completely different from me. For you it could be moving out of the family home and being scared to prove everyone wrong. It could mean you separating yourself from your best friend Tonya from second grade who is just depressing and dragging you down. Whatever the anchor on ankle is, you know just as well as I did that you’re going to have to either sink or swim.

Jesus might have taken the wheel in Carrie Underwood’s song but He’s telling you it’s up to YOU to start advocating for yourself.

Now let’s go beyond that. Say you yanked the cord and you find yourself staring at yourself in the mirror. Do you like the person staring back at you?

If you’re anything like me, you probably said things like “You moron what the hell were you thinking all of these years, you literally KNEW better!” It was very hard for me to forgive myself for making so many mistakes in that time. I felt like I had to make sure I gave myself a good scolding before I allowed myself to do basically anything. Now I’m not saying do that, I don’t think tearing yourself down is on any expert’s “things to build confidence list” so don’t take my lead in that regards. However, I think self-awareness is and was a big part of my journey into where I am now.

I’m fully aware that I’m cocky, it’s helped me to accomplish a lot of things in comparison to my age. I’m fully aware that I have the common sense to use just that and humility in situations when it’s needed. I’m fully aware that my passion gets ahead of my brain. I’m also fully aware that I’ve been given many opportunities that some people only dream about.

I’m just fully aware of what these opportunities

Signing a semi-pro football contract for the Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz. Fear can hold you back or propel you forward.

mean and that I know I’m not going to waste it.

I am on fire for life.

If you have any chance, any light at the end of the tunnel, scrape and give everything you have towards that light. I am telling you with everything I have in my body, it was the best decision I ever made.

To second chances my friends.



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