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If your business fails that doesn’t necessarily mean that you fail right? Is this possibly the reason so many people are afraid to personally brand themselves? I see so many people hiding behind their business when they have the potential to make it even bigger by just sharing who they are!

When we set out on the entrepreneurial journey we automatically put ourselves out there. When I started almost two years ago I was trying so hard to keep things separate. I didn’t want people I worked with to follow, although I wanted their support, girl logic right? I wanted people to know I was venturing on this side business yet at the same time I wanted new people to see and hear the content.

I didn’t want this side gig to directly be connected to me. “If this whole thing fails, that means that I’ll fail and everyone will know.” I GET IT.

(You can’t have the best of both worlds Jordan.)

Here’s the thing. I think my business does as well as it does because I put myself out there. My co-workers, friends and my mom, have increased my engagement dramatically. I’ve got referrals from people who just have known in their heads that I do social media marketing. It comes up randomly in their conversations and I’m truly thankful for it.

It’s a huge kick in the gut when you work really hard on an idea and it only gets 1 like (and again, it’s your mom.)  come up with content ideas at 1 AM then hope I remember them when I wake up. I put a lot of effort into what seems small to others because it’s a big deal to me. If I have any advice to give, be grateful you have a cool enough family member who actively wants to see you succeed. There are far too many people whose parents don’t even know they’re alive. Be thankful for the engagement you have. Be consistent enough to put out good content. Put your big girl pants on so you can handle the inevitable comments that will eventually come.

Nobody knows what it’s like to be a small business owner, until they’re a small business owner.

Fight the good fight, share who you are.

-Jordan, Owner Millennial Marketing of CO 
Your Brand & You

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