You Should Being Using IGTV Like Yesterday.

Okay, okay so IGTV literally did release yesterday (6/20/2018) but still, hop on board NOW and take advantage of all it’s advantages!

So here’s the concept. It’s like Youtube, yet instead of having to follow links like we’ve always done for years, you can watch someone’s channel straight from the Instagram app. For all of us “not-so famous” IG-ers this is literally the perfect way to share more of our own content. Here’s how Instagram works. You gain followers, all of them. As many as you can, period. Doesn’t matter what country, what neighborhood, demographic…okay you get the point. The point IS that you want to put yourself, product or service in front of as many eyes as you can. (Beyond that you actually want to be good at whatever you’re trying to show people, just wanted to make sure that was known!) When you reach X amount of followers you’ll have the potential to get verified. It’s most people’s dreams to get that blue check mark next to their name. Having that blue check mark provides a lot of easy features. You can do “swipe up” in Instagram Stories to link people to products, websites etc. Of course all of these things are useful because of course you’ll potentially be able to gain more income with this. That’s kind of the point with having businesses on social media is it not? Now here’s what is special about the release of IGTV:

IGTV does not care that you only have 200 followers. If you want to start a channel, freaking go for it! This feature is so amazing because think of all the things you have to say that people just aren’t hearing from you. You can put the content you put on Youtube, of course tweak it a bit for this platform specifically, then push it out there! What’s it going to hurt? This offers the “not-so famous” IG-ers to potentially get the blue check mark. From a personal standpoint something I love the most about it is that it’s so easy. You don’t have to direct people anywhere else besides the app they’re in.

Any advice that I’d give to a small business owner would be this, don’t wait even a month to get on board with this. Instagram has had focus groups for months and they know it’s going to work. They aren’t going to get rid of the feature and it’s not really your job to try and wait to see if it works out. Your job is to share your story with as many people as you can! Document the days, who you are and what you stand for. Connect and actively engage with your audience because it matters.

I’m literally so excited about this feature and excited to see who’s going to crush it.

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