Something To Be Proud Of

Life’s just different.

I don’t have this big urge to hide in my office until 9 o’clock at night anymore and do piddly crap on my laptop because I don’t want to hang out in my own house.

I can go to the grocery store and actually get what I want to eat.

Nobody to make fun of me if I’m dead tired at want to go to sleep at 8:00.

If I want to dry shampoo my hair for a third day in a row there isn’t anyone around to tell me otherwise!

Different and good seem to have a correlation here nowadays.


I don’t keep bringing up these scenarios because I’m somehow aching of loneliness inside. I feel as though that what this past year has done for my soul is something that many girls can relate to. It takes a lot of guts to chose you. For a society that claims to be working on self care and self love we seem to not put ourselves first each day. When someone chooses themselves first, it’s scary and we all step foot into the unknown.

“Who’s going to let my dog out when I work late?” “How am I going to sleep when I’ve been so used to sleeping with someone?” “Am I going to be single forever?” (The last one was a tad bit dramatic but still true!) So many things pop into your head.

My goal is one day someone is going to read what I write and be like “YES, this is exactly how I’m feeling!”

So back to the point, something to be proud of.

For someone like me,  someone who literally prides themselves on work, and accomplishing goals- it was strange when I had finally moved into my own place again. 6 months of waiting to “start” and now the starting line was staring me in the face.

“Was I good enough to be able to enjoy such a beautiful space? Was I really deserving of everything? Was I allowed to be proud of what I’ve done?”

It sounds crazy I know, but I don’t think I’m the only one who replays these questions repeatedly in their mind. Not allowing ourselves to be proud has become some twisted concept that has taken over. “Cross your legs, dot your I’s and never let them see you cry.”

Screw that.

Humility has its place but when time calls for you to be proud of something, buy yourself a pack of gold star stickers and use the hell outta them.

I’ll be the first one to grab a toilet brush and do the dirty work, in fact at times that’s where I’m most comfortable at. I don’t know which fork you’re supposed to use first at a fancy dinner, and what is the actual point of a bread plate? Anyone, anyone?

My point of this whole blog is this, anything you do; business, your life, even if you do the dishes immediately after cooking dinner- OWN IT and be proud of it.


Work hard & Make It Happen


Owner, Millennial Marketing of CO

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