5 Essentials For A Great Facebook Page

Yes, it’s true your business should really have a Facebook page. I mean if your target customers are 75 year old who still have a flip phones, eh the argument could be made that maybe a page isn’t for you.

If your company is targeting anyone under the age of 60–65 I still recommend that you create a bomb.com Facebook page and crush it! Social media is a way to connect, engage and create brand loyalty with customers but you better believe you can make some money.

Being a marketer and more specifically a social media marketer I’ve seen my fair share of Facebook pages, some that make me cringe and others that I steal ideas from (no shame in my game if it helps my customers!) You can tell the pages that have effort put into them and ones that are just there because they read an article on Business Insider 10 years ago that said they should make a page.

So what makes a good page? Here are five things that I’ve seen to be essential to every small business’ page.

1.Stop with the poor-pixelated images.

You have no idea how bad (not to mention lazy) it looks when you have these types of images on your page. This just shows you searched into Google some phrase, saved the picture then added a small status to go along with the image. It shows absolutely no effort whatsoever, how can you expect customers to want to spend money with you when you don’t even have enough effort to create a great image?

2. Make sure your brand is known.

Both your profile and cover photo should have a logo on them. You want customers to remember your brand and when your logo is absolutely nowhere you can’t blame them for not remembering you. At the same time you don’t want a cover photo to match the profile picture, that’s lazy as well. Create a cover photo that spotlights what your page is about or even specials/offers you’re offering currently!

3. For goodness sake, add a form of contact.

If you don’t have a website you must, must have a contact form or email or SOMETHING for customers to be able to contact you through! Once you start getting engagement on your posts, or even before people are going to want to start contacting you. There are many times when customers only head to your website through Facebook! Don’t lose out on those customers!

4. Post relevant content.

Your business page is not an extension of you, well not really. My customers know I want to promote them as much as I can on their pages, so please understand what I’m about to say. Don’t share dog videos, what you had for dinner or that page for “Sassy B.s Only.” This is completely unprofessional and shows you do not understand your customers. This is a really easy way to lose followers quickly.

5. Be consistent.

Stick to your brand message. Post about your services, products or goals that’s fine but be sure it aligns with your overall company goals and marketing strategies. It takes a customer 7 “touches” or times to remember your brand. If you are consistent in your message that customer will think of you when they have a need to be filled. Why not have it be you?

There’s no way you can be in the dark anymore when it comes to social media. For over 10 years it has made its way into homes and is not looking for the gutter anytime soon. Yes you CAN still get in the mix and create a great page, if you do it correctly of course!

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