Put Down The Mop.

There’s just not enough time in the day…

You’re a business owner. But that’s the title you have in your Facebook profile description. What everyone doesn’t know is that you’re also the janitor, the accountant, the marketer, the HR rep also.
So how can you wear all these hats and grow your business at the same time? Short answer, you can’t. There has to be a point in which you delegate and give control to others. Some things you will not have the time or talent to take care of. As a business owner you have to focus on what you’re good at and of course what you’re passionate about. A business owner colleague of mine is prime example. It wasn’t before long that she became drained each task taking a toll as she couldn’t maintain each area to the quality it needed to be. Now don’t under estimate the fact that giving up “your baby” is going to be easy, but understand it might be necessary.  Do only what you’re good at!
If you’re great at payroll, by all means do payroll! If you’re great at motivating the team and assigning tasks, then that’s what you should do! The ONLY way your business is going to grow is when you let go.

Put down the mop.

So what can it hurt? Delegate or hire out the things you know you aren’t good at, or don’t have the time for. Your business will thank you for it.
 If you don’t know how to market, or simply don’t have the time then don’t hurt your business by trying to be a marketer. Find someone who will understand your vision and passion and have them tell your story.

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