Facebook. Think Zuckerburg didn’t advertise Facebook before it became Facebook? You bet he did! Every company starts from somewhere and almost every consumer is here on Facebook, so that means your company should be too. Business pages who actively post on Facebook:

  • Create “loyalty” with their customers
  • Are more relatable to their potential customer base
  • Have increased engagement
  • Ultimately make more sales and connections

Facebook Advertising

This type of advertising is one of the most affordable advertising platforms that is out there to this day! Based off your company’s needs, Millennial Marketing of CO will target your customers specifically based off a number of variables that include, demographics, location, interests and income.

Connect with your audience of the most used Social Media platform in the world!


Product-based companies cannot pass up the opportunity to reach potential customers on this platform. Our team ensures product key-words are of the first search results and create custom images to draw the eye and make the sale.


Instagram advertisements are one of the easiest ways to increase a following or get click-throughs to a certain product, course or service. By understanding the Instagram “look” the Millennial Marketing team creates texts and images specifically to this platform. Utilize specific hashtags or even increase engagement through “tagging” Instagram is the way to go.

Google +

While Google+ is not a platforms that many consumers go to buy products from, companies who rely on sales through their website should consider Google+ social media management. Did you know that by updating your Google+ page, Google’s algorithms see that as an update to your business and thus will place your site higher on search pages?

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