Selling Attention, Not Facebook

Most likely there are still some that think that social media is the reason “for the downfall of society” yada yada. What these folks don’t understand that this is how society is functioning nowadays. It is highly unlikely that the rising generations are going to reject this 10+ year trend. Don’t focus on these folks stuck in 1993.

Social Media isn’t just a way for friends to share what they’re eating for dinner, these are platforms which provide people the opportunity to connect. Friends can now connect each other to experiences, people and companies they have experience with!


Let me get one thing straight…
I do not sell to you “Social Media Advertising” no no dearies. What I sell is attention! Your small business is able to get attention through proven social media platforms! People are not going to respond to your brand just because you post a couple times, or even if you ask nicely. They want you to work for them and their money just as you would in a relationship. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself about your brand.
What can your brand bring to the table that your competitors cannot?
How are you going to help make their lives easier?
Why do you want their business specifically?
Millennials especially are much more picky these days about their money. They will spend with those that they feel have took the time to get to know them. They are a generation fueled by research, stranger’s reviews and relationships. Using social platforms as a way to connect with your audience is how you will gain their business.
The attention of your consumers is already on social platforms, make them see you! If you feel as though you simply don’t have the time, don’t sit and just do nothing. You’re not going anywhere when you’re just sitting still. Let’s talk about the best Social Media Program that fits you!

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