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Literally, I am the worst at sucking at things. Whether it’s a sport, building crappy furniture from a manual or even an everyday skill, literally anything I don’t do well when I suck at “it.”

What sucks is I take the tiniest defeats really seriously! There’s no blowing off things for me, no shruging of my  shoulders and saying “oh well.” Everything is important and supposed to be done for a reason, so you can’t tell me it doesn’t matter because I really think it does.

Some might see this as being a sore loser (which I have been accused of, trust me) but I really don’t see it in that way. I see it almost as kryptonite of my passion. I put so much energy  into the littlest thing when it end up failing it’s as though I’m taking an arrow to the heart.

(I’m dead serious, I’ll totally act out dying from an arrow for you all because that’s literally how it feels!)

So you might ask then “Why are you in business if you can’t handle all the losses?” That’s the thing, the losses are crippling if you let it, meaning if I let it. You can pout or be angry about sucking at something or look at the bigger picture and the lesson underneath.

I used to get angry at things and just leave them. Fairly certain it took me 3 days to build a TV stand and I didn’t even attempt with the fireplace at my house. (My patient dad helped me out with that one, go Daddy!) I used to just get angry with it all and just walk away, now I cry. Clearly much more of a grown up way to express myself.

The point I wanted to share with you is this. If you suck at sucking just like me, I think it’s okay. I might be out on the ledge saying this or I might not be, but most likely if you’re anything like an entrepreneur you’ll suck for a day or two and come back harder.

If you let your anger overcome you or let the defeat actually defeat you, you’re going to fail. That’s when you suck, when you give up.

Now by no means have I mastered failing and I would like to point out that being entrepreneur is literally no fun some days. I’ve literally asked myself “Why in the hell did you decide to do this to yourself? Why even put yourself out there?” All of these emotions I’m sure another entrepreneur has felt some time some place.

suck at sucking
I clean toilets part time as part of my living. The job doesn’t suck but the splatter does.


Someone who sucks on the regular.


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