About Us

About Us

Hello small business owners and entrepreneurs!

Many people like yourselves, you are the single-most passionate person that cares about your business. No one knows what it’s like to be a business owner until you’re on hour 16 on a Friday night. We all have visions of where we’d like things to head to, it’s deciding how you plan to get there that will actually help you get there.

Why would you leave marketing up to someone who doesn’t share the same passion? There’s too many out there that claim they know how to market your business, but I encourage you to ask the question, do they really?

At the end of the day posting on your social channels might be the last thing on your to-do list. As a business owner, you’re up to date on the best things to build your brand/company. You recognize that you do need to be active on social media but those working hours seem to slip by and go so fast- there’s only so much time in the day!

The SINGLE goal I have for business owners when they partner with Millennial Marketing of CO is this. I want to share YOUR passion and your company’s products or services through social media platforms. More specifically we do the research to find out where your customers are, then create an editorial plan that will work best for your company. Not every brand is the same, so we don’t treat or place everyone into the same marketing “box.”

We can assure that we are on top of “the next new thing” and up & coming apps where the population is leading towards. If there are customers to be found, we will make sure your company’s info is there and ultimately help you to make the sale.

The Process:

When working with Millennial Marketing of CO, our first step will be to get to know your company. We want to see how you operate, your core values and of course your products or services. This could mean;

  • secret shopping
  • contacting current customers
  • 1 on 1 strategy sessions

This is going to be the very best way to brand you, by getting to know exactly who you are and how your company operates.

Our Clients:

Our clients are those who wear many hats, but don’t have the time to utilize their social media like they need to! Business owners who succeed;

  • recognize how social media marketing and advertising can improve their brands
  • are not afraid to try newly proven marketing strategies
  • want to engage with their audiences
  • want to show who they are! 

Meet Jordan:

If there’s a mountain to hike, a Chihuahua to pet or a margarita to drink you can expect me to be there. I’m really not sure how I stumbled into marketing for other businesses but it just kind of turned into a passion! I’m one of those crazy people that thinks they can do it all, and 91.7% of the time do a pretty good job at balancing it all! I love the opportunities I’ve had to connect with other businesses. I’m more than proud to be a Colorado Native and a red-blooded American.