A Summer Spent In My Parent’s Basement

I know what you’re thinking. “What in the hell does this have to do with marketing?”

Really nothing specifically, but it has everything to do with a young entrepreneur’s journey.

So let me share the back story into basement living.

At the beginning of May 2018 I made a huge life decision and ended a relationship that was simply put, drowning me.

So like any girl, I went to Target got new clothes,  got a bad ass new truck and decided that I was going to quick fix everything to the way I wanted. Everything was fine and I was going to get back to the “me” I had lost somewhere along the way. Sounds like a solid plan right? I then started spending less and less time at my home and more time at my parent’s house. I didn’t want to go home to the quietness when it was always so much fun being around their home and with them.

So in yet another way to revamp my life I decided to sell my town home. I had bought this when I was 19 and not being 19 I (still feel) and felt as though I had grown out of it all and it was time to move on and upgrade in a sense.

Now here’s where things get interesting…

1st buyer: town home under contract in less than 24 hours (fell through)

2nd buyer: town home under contract after a week on the market. Made it to CLOSING DAY and the entire deal fell through. Lost another town home that I had an accepted offer on. Now THAT’S heartbreak peeps! 😉

3rd buyer: approximately 3 weeks of being on the market, under contract. And… wouldn’t you know it that offer fell through about 2 weeks later.

I guess you could say that right now I’m having some of the worst luck with the real estate market! So as I type my one wish right now is to check my email and see that there is a contract waiting my e-signature so I can again get my town home under contract. 4th time’s the charm?

This whole situation has been frustrating and eye opening to say the least. Here’s someone, (now this is not me trying to brag,) who is really trying to make good decisions in life, treat people the right way, work their ass off and buy another dog. Is it really too much to ask to just get a town home under contract? Apparently there’s a lesson to be learned in this situation and here’s what I think I’m supposed to be learning so far…

  • You can’t quick fix everything.
    • Clearly I made many attempts to change lots of aspects in my life so that immediately I would see positive changes. Changing some things doesn’t mean you can just skate by and avoid dealing with sadness, anger and depression.
  • My parents are cooler than me.
    • If you want to try and figure out how to live, spend a week with my parents. They are 500x times cooler than me and will immediately make you calm down and not take things so seriously. With this whole situation (break-ups, crappy real estate markets) some of my most fun moments this summer have been in the backyard sipping margaritas with the music on talking about randomness. I’ve had gut laughs, moments of almost peeing in the local Sam’s Club and good cries. If you’re lucky enough to have them, hang out with parents that are cooler than you.
  • It’s okay to put on the brakes.
    • Anyone who knows me or takes the time to chat for more than 10 minutes can see that I have a shit ton of passion and bags under my eyes. I am a workaholic, I absolutely love my family business and even on the worst days wouldn’t trade it for anything. With everything going on I haven’t been able to put as much time as I usually do into my business. I am someone who gets a sense of self-worth from their work. I love crushing it, and seeing happy people from something the business has done. So when I haven’t been able to film for my Youtube channel or make sure that I have quality content going out each day, I feel like a slacker! Here’s the thing though, I think that I was meant to take the time to slow down here because if I don’t or don’t deal with the anger I have towards the situations or be able to forgive myself, one day I will crack. I don’t expect that to be a pretty sight for anyone… So I’m having moments of speed and then moments of standing still, and it’s OKAY!

So the summer I’ve spent in my parent’s basement has given me a lot of time to think. I’m most thankful for “fixing” a wedge that my ex was attempting to make between me and my folks. I’m grateful for the laughs and them pushing me to go do the things I’ve been talking and wanting to do for years now. I’m thankful for their guidance and advice as I weigh all my options into what housing situation will be best for me. I love the fact that my dog Norman isn’t by himself for 10 hours a day as he’s hanging out with the other fuzzball Jake. Whenever this basement living ends, I’ll most definitely look back on it being grateful.

So again, if I have any advice to give, and if you’re humble enough to do it. Spend a summer in your parent’s basement. Go back to the house that built you, plan a trip to Boston and calm the fuck down. The work will happen, your dreams are still there and you’ll crush it in due time.

Thanks for reading.



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